Crop Adaptation and Hemp

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The Challenge for Farmers

A challenge that farmers have is identifying suitable crops that will keep the soil of their fields fertilized and also bring forth excellent revenue. The easiest method to ensure that the fertility of the land is not compromised at any stage is by doing crop rotation.

Crop Rotation Selection

During crop rotation, different crops are planted at different seasons on the same soil. This ensures that the minerals in the soil are replenished. Crop rotation also ensures that the ground is not left fallow at any time. If you are planning on doing crop rotation, then you must select a crop that is adaptable and easy to grow.

Hemp is a great crop to consider farming. This particular crop belongs to the cannabis family but is produced as a cash crop. Hemp is usually grown for fiber and medicinal purposes, among other things.

Using Hemp in Crop Rotation

Hemp is a highly adaptable crop and is known not to damage the soil at all. Hence, for crop rotation purposes, is a highly suitable crop. There are many other reasons why farmers are opting to pursue the farming of hemp. Some of these are discussed below.

Benefits of Hemp as Adaptable Crop

1. Highly adaptable crop

Hemp is one of those few crops that do not require extensive care. In other words, hemp is a highly versatile crop. It is also a robust crop and not easily damaged by pests. For hemp farming, you do not require highly fertile soil. Hemp can easily thrive on land of low fertility and hot and humid climate.

The only thing that you need to arrange for, to ensure that your hemp farming is successful, is a steady supply of water. Since hemp is a plant that primarily belongs to hot and humid parts of the world, it is essential to ensure that there is a steady supply of water on your farm. This will ensure that the crops do not dry up even during a dry spell. The adaptability of the crop has made it ideal to be planted even in places that are not precisely known for hot and humid weather conditions. Places like the USA and Canada are actively getting involved in the cultivation of hemp primarily because of the adaptability of the crop.

2. Can be planted in different weather conditions

Hemp farms can be carried out in various weather conditions. Although there are restrictions regarding the farming of certain varieties of the hemp plant, if you wish to plant hemp for the extraction of oil and fiber, you will find that this crop is ideal. It can adjust to almost all weather conditions. All you need to ensure is that it is not exposed to snow and hail.

Moreover, growing hemp does not require a lot of effort. This means you do not need to till the land regularly and oversee the growth of the crop. If there is a regular and uninterrupted supply of water, then the crop will grow well. It does not require much interference and hard work. 

3. A crop that produces a high return

One of the reasons that farmers have perceived the production of hemp with a renewed interest in recent years is because of the high revenue earning capacity of this crop. Hemp is primarily a cash crop.

Hemp is produced to extract fiber, oil, and other similar products from it. Hemp fiber is one of the oldest known fibers to man. It has been known to man for nearly six millennia. The primary reason for this is the durability of the crop. Hemp is known to be pest and insect resistant. Farming hemp means you do not have to invest an extensive amount of money in purchasing high-quality pesticides and insecticides.

Moreover, because of the durability, you can be assured that the loss you incur because of pests and insects will be low. Hence, the returns you can expect per acre of on farming of hemp will be particularly high.

Moreover, the demand for products that can be manufactured from hemp has increased in recent years. The demand for hemp oil has also increased in the past few years. Thus, growing hemp can prove to be beneficial for farmers in many aspects. It can prove to be helpful for the farmer and the agricultural land as well.

Choosing a Hemp Supplier

One of the important aspects we didn’t cover in the above was selecting a trusted and quality hemp seed, clone, or seedling supplier is key to your success. You must choose a genetically sound brand to partner with.

If you are looking to plant a crop that is highly adaptable, pest resistant and is known to replenish the fertility of the soil, then you should definitely consider hemp cultivation. Any more questions get in touch!

By: Abhijeet Modi

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